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Confined to research either in basic or clinical science. It should have maximum of 5000 words with a maximum of 30 references. A maximum of FOUR figures/illustrations and FOUR tables may be allowed for such articles
EHFs Training in COVID-19
Figure 1A: Series of images showing the intubation head box (IHB): side-view of the IHB
Surface Marker-assisted for Orbital Navigation Surgery
Figure 1: Optical scan (EinScan-Pro Scan, 3D Systems) of right orbital implant in stereolithographic (STL) data
isual Acuity and Stereoacuity in Malaysian Preschoolers
Figure 1: Frequency distribution of distance visual acuity, in logMAR, for right (top panel) and left (bottom panel) eyes
Written Asthma Action Plan in Emergency Department
Factor Analysis of the Malay-version GAD-7
Figure 1: The final modified one-factor model for the Malay-version GAD-7. Note: standardized estimates based on confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). All factor loadings were statistically significant (p < 0.001).
Mental Health State among Low Vision Patients
Figure 1: Flow chart of research procedure
HBME-1 in Thyroid Lesion
Employed Mothers and Expressed Breast Milk Feeding
S. epidermidis Antibiotic Susceptibility
Figure 1: Percentage of Staphylococcus epidermidis resistance isolates towards each antibiotic drug for male and female subjects
Patient Satisfaction with Preoperative Evaluation