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Confined to research either in basic or clinical science. It should have maximum of 5000 words with a maximum of 30 references. A maximum of FOUR figures/illustrations and FOUR tables may be allowed for such articles
Healthcare Collaboration
EORA versus YORA
Online Oral Hygiene Instructions for Orthodontic Patient
Iterative ADDIE Instructional Design Framework (Nordin et al. 2016)
Neuroticism, Depression and QoL in DM
Knowledge and Perception towards Zika in Malaysia
The sampling flow of data collection for respondents to administer questionnaire.
Stature Estimation from Clavicular Measurements
Measurements of clavicle. A: Measurements on maximum length (MXL); B: Anterior-posterior diameter at mid-diaphysis (F); C: Mid-diaphysis circumference (MDC); D:Anterior-posterior diameter at medial 1/3 of clavicle (APM); E: Medial 1/3 clavicular circumference (MC); F: Anterior-posterior diameter at lateral 1/3 of clavicle (APL); G: Lateral 1/3 clavicular circumference (LC); H: Superior-inferior diameter at mid-diaphysis (SIMD); I: Superior-inferior diameter at medial 1/3 of clavicle (SIM); J: Su
OSA, Sleep, Depression and Attention
Public KAP towards Diabetes Mellitus
Value of Calcium Scores in Young CAD Patient Relatives
Figure 1: Flow chart of comparative cross-sectional study
Parapneumonic Effusion in Children